Guide: Finding your THC cannabis dealer when you are a tourist in Brussels?

Where the hell is OrNiweed?

Since the situation is not yet ready to be resolved, we will write an article for international tourists to find cannabis with THC in the small European capital. We will therefore prepare a guide for you that will surely be able to guide you. The guide will therefore be updated as often as possible with the help of Brussels contributors.  

It should be noted that the sale of cannabis with THC is still illegal in Belgium, but possession is tolerated. It is therefore possible to carry 3 grams of cannabis with you. If a policeman ever pisses you off, don't lie to him. Tell him you have some cannabis on you. Normally he will not bother you but if he wants, he can still make you a PVC (simplified report) which will cost you 50€ but this happens only very rarely! Of course, you should not have a balance on you and neither should you have too much cannabis with you. Otherwise you'd be considered a drug dealer.


In general, it is not necessary to hide in order to smoke cannabis in Brussels. From our personal experience, we have already been able to smoke cannabis on the crowded square in front of Saint-Gilles in the summer, without anyone making a comment! But it is not advisable to smoke in front of the cops, so as not to provoke them.

On the map below, we intend to mark the points of interest where you could find street dealers, don't expect big hits and no crazy quality. We won't be responsible for it. It is always better to ask a Belgian for his security number, which will generally have products of "best" quality. 

The interactive map

Some pictures of the different places designed on the map :

>>> Matongé - African Quarter of Brussels.
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>>> The pre-fabricated buildings of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
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>>> In the street of "Delirium Café" ( City-Center)
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Closing remarks  

At worst, if you are desperate, you can always drive to the Netherlands (Rotterdam - Tilsburg - Eindhoven for the nearest Dutch cities that accept tourists) and it is also legal. Going to Antwerp and Breda, there are fewer cop checks at the border. 

There is also the possibility of asking for information from joint smokers who hang around Brussels. If you are lucky and courteous, the person may do you a favor: 1. he sells you on his consumption / 2. he gives you the dealer's number / 3. he gives you a joint.

We remind you who is able to plant cannabis in your home up to one head per adult at home. For reference:   website gouvernemental (Actually the law has changed in 2019)

And for Brussels readers, feel free to send us a message on Facebook about where it is easy to catch cannabis on the street. Since the purpose of this article is to help tourists find grass with THC.

Good search and good high!