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Support Legalization
Cannabis Social Club Brussels
It's an association that brings together members who are consumers and growers of cannabis and its derivatives. It was founded and entered in the register of enterprises in September 2018, legally registered under registration: BE.0703.906.531

Convinced of the many benefits that flow from it, we advocate for the regularization of cannabis in Belgium, in particular to avoid the interaction of the therapeutic consumer with the black market and also to demand a more just and effective drug policy.. 

We also provide our members and non-members with access to our legal cannabis shop (CBD). Pending the regularization of THC cannabis in Belgium 
Advocate for Legalization
Democratic prices
Bike Delivery On-Time within Brussels
Reusable Glass Jars
Local & Bio Production
Information & Prevention
Encouraging the Legal Market
Short Circuit
Our Values


As the health of our members is crucial, the CSC promotes and pushes for more rational and responsible consumption. In this perspective, we also want to better control the distribution and production of cannabis.


Above all, the aim is to get cannabis out of the underground and out of the trafficking that enriches criminal organizations. Decriminalizing also means regulating and regulating both trade and consumption.


First and foremost, we would like to stimulate debate as more than 600,000 people use cannabis in Belgium. Our organization would be able to play a role of prevention and information within the population.

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